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Recently Published

GRS10329 - Investigating the role of root architecture regulators as mediators of environmental information in root development

Progress summary The project has been completed and the thesis was submitted for examination on 23/09/2015.

FGI00010 - 08.052014 - Grain and Graze 3 (Western Region)

Grain and Graze 3 (G&G3) was the third phase of a mixed farming investment by GRDC. The themes were: 1. Enhanced grazing of cropped land. 2. Improvements to crop and pasture rotations. 3. Transition, integration and balance (enterprise mix) at the farm level.

GOA00001 - GRDC Grower Solutions for Central NSW

The Grower Solutions Group (GSG) Central West New South Wales (NSW) project undertaken by Grain Orana Alliance (GOA) has achieved two main goals over the five years of the project. Firstly, it has given growers and advisers an opportunity to identify and prioritise research and knowledge gaps in current grain production systems.

FAR00002 - Improved fungicide use for cereal rust control

This project was set up to generate a database and knowledge on integrated fungicide management (IFM) strategies combining the performance of new fungicides with partial genetic resistance based on adult plant resistance (APR) to cereal rusts.

DAW00220 - Barley Grain Defects - Research And Screening Services

Grain defects due to black point (BP), kernel discolouration (KD) or pre-harvest sprouting (PHS) downgrade malting barley to feed category causing losses of millions of dollars across Australia. To limit losses, several barley germplasm sets were evaluated and tolerant genotypes were identified.

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